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welcome to our world!
Follow the progress on our personal challenge as we try to see and photograph all of the birds, mammals, reptiles and frogs in our home province, the Western Cape! Click here to go to our "challenge page".

Last update on progress: 09 August 2021

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Through this website, we hope to share a bit of the passion we have for wildlife with you. We have sometimes been described as fanatical, crazy and downright stupid when it comes to our escapes in the field, but there can be no bigger adrenaline rush than eventually getting to see some creature that you have only have dreamt of seeing in the past. There are still so many things we have to get to see in our lifetime and that, in itself, is an integral part of what keeps the passion alive!

This website is really just a collection of some of the photos we have managed to get. We consider ourselves to be wildlife enthusiasts who take photographs as opposed to wildlife photographers, but really just enjoy getting the odd shot to remind us of some of the wonderful things we have been able to see. We still have a lot to learn about the art of wildlife photography as some of the photos on this site will show you!!

Copyright of any photo on this site (unless otherwise stated) remains with us. If anybody would like to use any of the photos on this site, please contact us and let us know what you would like to use them for so that we can consider your request. High resolution images of all photos shown on this site (and many more that are not present) are available for sale for commercial publications and websites. We are also happy to allow use of our photos for any cause that we deem worthy, in particular non-profit conservation bodies.


If you happen to find any errors on the site, whether it be with identifications, subspecies allocations, labels for gender, age, etc., please be so kind as to let us know. We would like this site to be as accurate as possible but, occasionally, errors will slip through...

We will be adding to the site on a continual basis both with new species as well as updating photos when we manage to get a better shot (there are many photos that definitely require improvement!). We hope that, over time and with a lot of practice, we will be able to build up a rather decent collection of wildlife photos from around the world. Obviously, with limited time visits to a number of places, conditions are not always going to be great, but we will try our best. We hope you enjoy the journey with us.

The last update to the site was on: 06 September 2015

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